Business Values and Philosophy

 We value and respect the people we work with and are committed to a core set of business values and principles that guide all our decisions and interactions. Together, they are responsible for INTRICATE becoming one of the world’s leading high-tech metal stamping manufacturers and designers. 


  • Our relationships with customers, employees, and vendors take precedence over everything else.


  • Integrity and treating others fairly and with respect are inherent in everything we do.
  •  How we treat one another, work together, and promote from within reflect that fact that employees are our most important asset. 


  •  Lead by helping bring continuous change and improvements to the global metal-stamping industry.


  • Treat customers with the respect they deserve by consistently exceeding their delivery, quality and cost expectations while helping them expand their businesses.


  • Work with vendors to lower costs and become even better vendors, which in turn benefits everyone – customers, vendors and employees.Our relationships with customers, employees, and vendors take precedence over everything else.



  • 1988 - INTRICATE, formerly known as Intricate Metal Forming Company, founded by Roy and Scot MacCormack, in Beacon Falls, Conn., as a specialized metal stamper, providing milled-end contact pins for leading automotive industry suppliers, including Delphi and 3M. 
  • 1992 - Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility relocated to Roanoke, Va., and its focus was expanded to include designing and manufacturing a diverse array of connectors and contacts for leading companies in the automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries, such as Samtec.
  • 1998 - Achieved QS-9000/ISO certification.  
  • 2005 - INTRICATE opens a manufacturing facility in Guangdong, China, and later expands that operation by moving to a larger facility there. Intricate Vice President Greg MacCormack plays an integral role in both opening and expanding the operation.
  • 2007 - Corporate headquarters achieved ISO/TS-16949 certification.
  • 2008 - Chinese facility achieved ISO/TS-16949 certification.
  • 2010 - Relocated its China facility to a larger 80,000 sqft facility.
  • 2012-2013 - Implemented the PLEX Manufacturing Cloud ERP system at both the U.S. and China facilities. 

Technology and Innovations

 The company’s focus on new modular tooling and continuous pursuit of manufacturing innovations lead to ongoing production improvements.

  • Producing one out at 800 strokes per minute has evolved to now producing four out at 1,200 to 1,400 strokes per minute. 
  • A continuous and increasing reliance on automation improves efficiencies and reduces customer costs. 
  • A longstanding commitment to tooling innovation yields manufacturing equipment and processes capable of producing superior designs and increased outputs.


Our relentless pursuit of quality is driven by extremely close product tolerances and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Our manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and in China are both IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certified. 
  • We utilize our quality lab to perform intensive, detailed, first- and last-piece inspections and ongoing dock audits using in-process, multi-point Statistical Process Control (SPC) inspections. 
  • Quality processes ensure all products meet documented tolerance and dimension requirements.
  • Business Plan - Defined by INTRICATE management that outlines goals for continuous improvement that is reviewed within to ensure compliance to customer requirements based on ISO/IATF standards.