Custom Design & High Speed Stamping of Electrical Connectors



At INTRICATE, we produced this pair of small mating electrical connectors for use in an end connector for active optical cables. From concept to completion, we accomplished the design/engineering, die building, and stamping in a condensed 6 week time frame.

Used as a direct replacement for copper cabling, active optical cable technology accepts the same electrical inputs as a traditional copper cable but uses electrical-to-optical conversion on the cable ends to improve speed and distance performance. Our engineers designed two separate modular progressive dies to stamp the tiny mated components from strips of C-5210-SH phosphor bronze. In addition to monitoring the critical dimensions of every part, we carried out an intensive first article inspection to ensure the parts met the ±.00098" tolerance requirement and held a minimum of 80% shear through the contact area.

Featuring finished dimensions of .275" in length x .175" in width x .0078" in height, the first batch of components was shipped to the customer on time. We were able to execute each critical phase of this project without any need to sacrifice quality for speed. Current production of this pair of components is in the range of half million units per year.

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