Tooling, Engineering, Die Building for the Stamping Industry



With our more than 25 years’ experience providing solutions for the production of small, geometrically precise components, at INTRICATE our tool and die shop is outfitted with everything from high-tech design workstations to some of the most precise machining and surface grinding equipment available today. Our technically astute and detail-oriented craftspeople have the resources to support our internal stamping operations as well as produce dies for other shops.

We designed and built the progressive die modules shown here for an in-house automotive industry application. Our 3D modeling tools helped our designers make intelligent decisions that improved manufacturability of the part and optimized the cycle time and productivity of each press stroke. We constructed the modular progressive die set from several strong, wear-resistant materials, including 7075-T6 aluminum, tungsten carbide, and A-2 and CPM 10V tool steels to support long term, high volume production without any damage to the die. All steel was hardened to RC 58-60 and stress relieved, and all components were laser etched for identification.

 Prior to actual production, we stamped several test strips that were subject to intensive inspection before ramping up to full production of 30 million units per year. For more information about this project, please review the table below, or contact us today to learn more about how our die making expertise can optimize the manufacturability of your part.

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